Exploring the 50-year success story of Nike and how it utilized innovative marketing strategies to evolve into the highest valued apparel brand in the world

Nike Logo (Source: Britannica)

JEC TORONTO —Just do it. The iconic catchphrase that’s heard worldwide. Through their over 50-year tenure as a company, Nike has become more than just an apparel brand; they have become a pop culture icon.

Since 2015, Nike has topped the Brand Finance Apparel 50 list — “an annual report outlining the most valuable apparel brands” (Brand Directory 2021)— and this year, Nike remains at the top. Even with a fall in value of about 13% due to the pandemic, it sits at a $30.4B valuation (Fashion Network 2021). Nike is ahead of other luxury brands such as Gucci, which…

Exploring how technological hub of the world was established, what makes start-ups here so successful, and why it’s success is difficult to replicate?

Opening Sequence of Silicon Valley TV Show (Source: HBO)

Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix. Sound familiar? These companies have taken over the world, our daily lives, and even our vocabulary. If you don’t believe me, just Google it. These are just a few of the major technology companies started and are headquartered in Silicon Valley. Others include, but are not limited to, Tesla, Twitter, Yahoo, eBay, Intel, Adobe, Uber, and LinkedIn. You may have heard of them. But what makes companies from Silicon Valley so successful?


Exploring how technological innovation affects the job market and how it paves the way for greater economies

Source: CGTN

When speaking of technology, the first thing that often comes to mind is fast computers or hefty machines. However, economists think more broadly of the term as anything that presents a new way of doing things. It is seen as something that helps to produce things faster, better or cheaper. Keeping this in mind, how does technological innovation affect our economy?

Looking at everyday life, it is clear that perhaps the most direct effect of technology is economic in nature.

Tesla, Tesla, Tesla. It seems as if this is all anyone has heard over the past few years. Now, why is that?

Source: New York Times

What if, right now, you were asked to pick your ideal dream car? Your answer would probably be a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or any of the other luxury car brands we’re so used to hearing.

But, is it fathomable that many of us would answer — Tesla? …

Tej Sharma

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